O.A.S.E. Medical Library in Düsseldorf

The O.A.S.E. Medical Library is located in Düsseldorf, Germany and it has been recently completed by HPP Architects. The library was designed to serve as a place of exchange, of innovative teaching and learning and of development. In German, the initials of these concepts form the name of the new project. It was designed and built in less than two and a half years and it has become a landmark for the university.

The library is 38 meters tall and this makes it visible from a great distance. It’s also interesting to see from small distances as it has a very unusual and eye-catching façade. The exterior of the building is white and the façade presents a series of asymmetrical, curvaceous lines that form a stylized design. These portions contain the windows and are made of glass. The glass mosaic tiles are linked by glass strips and they create a sort of network with a contemporary design.

The interior of the library contains a series of flowing open spaces. Inside you can find facilities such as the reading area, the lending areas, a series of work and study rooms as well as a cafeteria and a public zone. There’s also a series of exhibition areas located on all eighth floors. All the study and learning rooms are stacked on top of one another and they can be accessed via a cylindrical lift and staircase core. The service core is located on the diagonally opposite side. The document lounges and the bathrooms are on the same side.

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