Nice TVN Tennis Park Clubhouse by AG Nova Architects

Sports maintain our body and mind healthy. It does not matter what type of sport you practice: tennis, ping pong, football, volleyball or basketball. The important thing is that you keep practice one of these sports and keep you in a good shape and at the same time with a high spirit of enjoying life.

When I was a kid I used to play a lot of tennis with my brother and friends. The spirit of competition and the amount of energy made us become more animated and more satisfied of our abilities. The fair play was on the first plan although there were kids who did not know to lose or to enjoy their victory.

AG Nova Architects designed a nice clubhouse for tennis courts in Amersfoort, Netherlands called TVN Tennis Park Clubhouse. When I first saw its exterior design I thought of the image of a spider. Its “legs” that supports the whole building resemble the legs of an insect. The glass and wood seem to dominate the entire structure.

It is a great place where you can enjoy a drink with your friends after some wonderful games of tennis or have something to eat. The interior design makes you feel optimistic and full of life. White, yellow, red and blue were the colors used for the chairs and the bar stools inside this building. If the weather is great you may also try the terrace which close to the tennis court so that you can see everything that happens there.

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