Nice Grey House in an Olive Grove

A grey house fits perfectly in a very green environment; it is the case of a small house in an olive grove designed by Cooper Joseph Studio.Located in the Dry Creek Valley, near Sonoma, California, a nice building that has the advantage of hillside views. It was built on three levels, at the top of an olive orchard.

What could be more genuine than this? Among the other advantages, there is the one of the breeze and the shade coming from forests; the relationship inside – outside existing at all levels. In a rustic landscape, the grey house is an example of precise, finely crafted architecture in which obvious attention was paid to details.

There are some defining elements like the concrete central wall, the sliding doors and panels, the soft grey floors, the geometric and simple lines, the open corner windows. In addition, the quality of the materials (wood, steel, concrete and glass) contributes to turn this space into a beautiful, minimal, monochromatic, refined home.

The grey is completed by some splashes of color that give life to an elegant place,  characterized by privacy and shading, good design and great detailing. The rooms being small, the furnishings were built in pieces, but one of the most appealing aspects is the sunlight entering this grey but uncommon space, as  hope in people’s soul!

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