New Zeeland retreat with gorgeous views of the bay

The Okitu House was designed by Pete Bossley and can be found on the each coast near Tatapouri Point in New Zeeleand. It has views over Poverty Bay and, as you sit on the porch and admire the landscape, the sea and the sky seem to become one and the same. It’s definitely a marvelous location, one many would want for their dream home.

But the spectacular views aren’t the only great thing about this property. Although not particular large, the house is quite impressive. It has a simple and modern design, with clean lines and open and airy spaces. Given the location and the beautiful area surrounding the house, outdoor spaces were a must-have/ In addition to that, the transition between indoor and outdoor spaces is seamless and very smooth. It’s thanks to the glass walls which provide magnificent views from the inside, let in all the natural sunlight and connect the interior spaces with the beautiful outdoors and the spectacular nature surrounding the house.

The house offers everything one could need. It’s a stunning retreat and it would make a wonderful family home where kids could enjoy the outdoors but also a romantic retreat for a single couple. The design and the layout are flexible and this is a great feature for any home.

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