New Zeeland Residence Combines Vertical Architecture With Delightful Ergonomic Features

This cabin-style residence can be found in New Zeeland where it was designed and built by Glamuzina Paterson Architects. It’s a modern home although it has a rustic feel. It’s also a beautiful example of how vertical architecture can be used in a more uncommon setting to create unique structures and designs.

The residence measures a total of 81 square meters so it’s quite small. Nevertheless, it has an open and airy interior. The main goal for the architects working at this project was to create an ergonomic and energy-efficient home. In order to do that, they took advantage of the orientation and location of the house. Natural light fills all the rooms making them look bright and stunning. The orientation of the house allows it to feel open.

The exterior of the house is simple and designed to easily blend in with the surroundings. It has a metallic look which contrasts with the interior. Inside, the house is decorated with warm wood that gives it an inviting appeal. The entrance is narrow and features a staircase that introduces you into the welcoming house.

The high ceiling makes the room seems spacious and open. The kitchen has an ergonomic design. The dining room is a compact space and the other rooms are not that big either. The interior design is minimalist and great emphasis is placed on the vertical space. the house has large sliding glass doors that provide ample ventilation and windows that offer beautiful views.

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