New York Contemporary Single Family House

This must be one of the most spacious houses you would come across. Its entrance itself would lure you over it! A nice green view all round the house with a small pool like miniature created at the entrance looks beautiful. Nature lovers would go crazy with the way the house is surrounded by greenery.

The house looks amazing with a glass texture and a rusty border all around it. The interiors of the house are matched well, especially the color scheme. Everything is so perfectly matched that it really catches your attention. The sofa setting is placed in a beautiful part of the house and due to glass cover; one would get an awesome view of the outside happenings and greenery. Its best suited for those, who love to live and a peaceful environment.

The bedroom area is big having some big windows in corner that provite natural lightand also the room is very high.[via sothebysrealty ]


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