New Salvador Dali Museum in Florida

Dali has gained his place in history by being both a brilliant and also eccentric painter and it was about time someone thought of him and build a special museum just for his works, a special building that would represent his unusual personality. Well, now we have it: it’s the brand new Salvador Dali Museum which has just opened this month (January 11th 2011 at 11:11) in Sankt Petersburg, Florida, USA.

As you can imagine Salvador Dali Museum could only be housed in an eccentric building, too, one that would define the surrealistic personality of the painter. And the guys from HOK, the company that designed this amazing futuristic building did a great job. The building is a crazy mixture of cement and glass, a concrete cube that is wrapped up in an apparently fragile glass atrium that also serves as a skylight, allowing the natural sunlight get inside.

This huge glass wrapping was made of little triangles of glass, stuck together and being shaped in amazing tunnels and “worms”. The team of professional designers was under the effective supervision of Yann Weymoth and the overall result was amazing. One more thing before I finish: they also had to consider the frequent hurricanes in the area and tried to find the best solution for covering all basis. And they did or at least I think they did. What is your opinion? Do you like this unusual museum?

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