New England barns with midcentury-modern design house

When we were little we all want to become astronauts! Well if that was not possible, we can now buy a house that fulfills our astronaut dreams.On a quiet, wooded street in a small town of mostly traditional homes sits what looks like a space capsule. The colors inside the house gives a vibrant feeling. With cabinets finished in a burnt orange, metallic, automobile-quality paint, the kitchen “looks like a Corvette,” said Elatia Harris, a chef and caterer who cooks many of the family’s meals and helped the architect to design the kitchen.

The house is full with photographs, paintings and carvings that were collected from different places are all over the walls and shelves and influenced the color and scheme of the house. The décor also came from myriad cultural references, many of them from the 1960s and 1970s. The idea of a beaded curtain, for example, came from a set on “The Mary Tyler Moore” show.Visitors enter the home through the silo. When the doors open you meet a bright orange metal that circulates the stairway, and gives you a special feeling, drawing the eye past a circular bookshelf to a rotunda 19 feet up with a skylight.

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The Massachusetts house combines references to New England barns with midcentury-modern design and a window to an outer space experience. The couple how owns the house hired Cambridge builder Duncan MacArthur and spent about $2 million building the home, finished last fall. A five-bedroom, 4,250-square-foot house on half an acre in Belmont is for sale for $2.7 million.{found on wsj}.



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