Nebula House in Japan

Inspired by Aomori’s Nebula Festival where mythical creatures, demons, animals and heroes come to life as large-scale lanterns illuminated from within, the Nebula House has been built in 2002 when Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen won an international architecture competition for their design of a housing and community project in Aomori, Japan.

It’s a 13,012 m2 project with a very impressive design. In order to achieve this look, more than 820 steel ribbons, 12 m tall have been used to cover the glass and steel structure. The prefabricated ribbons have a very beautiful deep-red powder coated finish. With all these parallel pieces, the attention to details is critical. This unique structure can be used for a broad range of uses. This being said, the building can be used for workshops, conferences and cultural events. It’s a modern museum and center for creative culture. Its creative design and unique look makes it perfect for this type of events. It’s an art symbol itself.

The Nebula House encourages flexible use of its space. There are several spaces that can be used for musical and theatrical performances, as well as a main exhibit area. These spaces are separated with giant sliding doors. The building is definitely a landmark in that area. It’s colored and visible from far away, being surrounded by a lot of grey and simple facades.

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