Narrow Ultra-Modern, Concrete Home Measuring 13 ft. Wide by 115 ft. Deep

Narrow lots definitely make building very difficult, impossible even. But Japanese people are experts in making the most out of every little space.Narrow sites are not exactly a problem for them. This house, for example, sits on a lot that’s 13 feet wide and 115 feet deep. FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects found the perfect design for it: a long and sleek silhouette with a modern allure.

The residence has a minimalist look and it’s surrounded by more conventional buildings which makes it stand out from the rest. It has concrete walls and an upper bridge which is a rather unusual feature. The windows have been strategically placed so that all areas are bright.

The concrete façade goes beyond the residence’s roof and makes the building look taller. The concrete exterior maintains a minimalist look. The entrance features a frosted glass door.

Inside, the layout had to be adapted to the shape of the site. There’s a long hallway that leads through the main floor. On this level there are several living spaces.

The interior also features exposed concrete walls and this detail gives the house a modern industrial appearance. The tall ceilings further emphasize this influence. To minimalize the waste of space, the architects used few walls inside and designed the house like a gallery. It feels very open and spacious.

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