Narrow House in Japan With A Vertically Living Space

It’s not the first time Fujiwarramuro Architects surprise us with an unusual design. We’ve already seen another one of their creations, a house with a weird shape built on a site with an unusual shape.

This time the house we’re talking about is situated in Nada, Japan. It sits in a site that measures 36.95 square meters. It’s a very narrow area in between two buildings and it’s not the type of space that usually inspires you to build your home there.

Yet the architects managed to use this tiny space in a very interesting way. They built a home there. It’s a house with a total area of 63.33 square meters and it has three floors. Because the site is so narrow, there were certain limitations when designing the interior. The house has no windows on the sides so skylights were included in its design in order to allow sunlight to reach to the bottom of the house.

The ground level is occupied by the garage. The kitchen, the dining room and the kitchen occupy the first floor. The second floor houses a bedroom as well as the kids’ room. The interior is functionally organized and the décor is very simple. Although the structure and layout are unusual and might not seem very inviting or welcoming, there’s no sense of narrowness or lack of openness in the house.

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