Nanjing Sifang Art Museum

Here’s an unexpected look for a museum. It’s the creation of Steven Holl Architects. The museum is located in Nanjing, China. The first thing that you notice about it is the amazing landscape surrounding the actual museum. It’s an unusual location. I would have expected this if it were a vacation house, but not a public museum.

The fact that is located in a isolated area like this one makes it less accessible, and harder to get at. It’s not extremely difficult to get there but it’s not very easy either. For some people this is enough to give up the idea of visiting it. Of course, it’s not just the location that is unusual. The design is as impressive as the landscape. The tall structure rises above the trees like a periscope or a Cyclops eye. It’s a little weird but it’s also very stimulating. The experience this museum offers is unique and hard to forget.

When you’re on top you can admire the city. The image is very beautiful. However, this shouldn’t be the purpose of a museum. It’s a great bonus nevertheless. Still, there’s this feeling that the design and the architecture tends to outshine the museum itself. The visitors; attention is stolen by the amazing landscape and the architecture. The building itself has become an objective. Hopefully the visitors will also go inside to see the actual exhibit.

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