Mysterious Void Mansonry by Atelier TEKUTO

It is known the fact that Asiatic people as Chinese, Japanese or other nationalities have a small stature and are expert in producing thorough things with a minimalist design.

Atelier TEKUTO designed a minimalist Japanese residence, based on solids and voids, on the alternation between solid sheet steel and transparent ceramic coated glass. Its pixilated, simple pattern exterior hides a mysterious interior where lights and shades mix each other so that they create an intimate atmosphere.In the interior you may notice the minimalist design, the narrow spaces and the small number of pieces of furniture which are used to minimum.

The deep steel boxes become the perfect places for storage. They are used as shelves where you may place your books, decorative items or objects that are necessary to your daily living. It will help you to save space so that it will not be necessary to use other pieces of furniture for their storage which will take from your vital space.

These steel boxes become even more important when it comes to speak about your comfort and better conditions for living. They are depth optimized so that they will create a cooling atmosphere inside during summer because they will let in less heat and a warm interior during winter because they will let in more heat.It is a wonderful and interesting building for those who love privacy, intimacy and mystery.{found on dornob}

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