Munavali house made from briks

This unusual residence is located in Munavali, Alibaug, Maharashtra, India. It sits on a 9,800 square meter site. The building itself covers an area of 830 square meters and its construction was completed in December 2011. The house was a project by SPASM Design Architects.The small village of Munavali is a favorite getaway location and a place where everyone wants to build their dream home. There were several elements that influenced the exact location of the house, such as the trees present on the site, the orientation, the wind and the rain direction. The house has two main wings and the internal structure is functionally organized in domains of activity. As for the materials used, the architects decided to use local bricks often found on the lots.

Every room has openings on two sides that are very helpful with the cross ventilation while also providing lots of natural light. Also, there’s a very interesting combination of interior and exterior features. Moreover, there seems to be a lot of vegetation surrounding the house. The rooms are arranged in series and this means the inhabitants need to walk outdoor in order to change rooms.

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The living area includes a shed-like volume with lots of vegetation inside. The entire body of the house is hidden under the trees. The house has been built using red earth bricks. The choice of materials was based on color, strength and finish. The property also includes a pool surrounded by trees.{found on archdaily and pics by Sebastian Zachariah}



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