Multi-level Contemporary Residence With Picturesque Views Of Vancouver

This contemporary residence is located in Vancouver, British Columbia and it’s a dream home from several point of view. It’s a 7,000 square foot structure designed and built by architect Craig Chevalier and Raven Inside.

The Burkehill Residence has large open spaces and very stylish interior design elements. The living spaces open onto beautiful outdoor patios and the transition between the spaces is seamless and very smooth. This allows for a beautiful connection between indoor and outdoor areas to be created.

The residence offers magnificent views as it overlooks the seaside landscape. The views played a very important role in the design of the residence. Basically all the rooms of the residence are centered on the amazing natural landscape. Large windows provide panoramic views and they invade the spaces and become part of the interior décor.

The Burkehill Residence features clean and simple lines, sharp angles and a color palette based on natural tones and natural materials. The result is a comfortable and sophisticated space which doesn’t feel at all pretentious. A casual and relaxed atmosphere rules the residence, making it feel very inviting.

The views are the star of the design and they are most impressive when admired from the exterior spaces. The residence has outdoor fireplaces, a swimming pool, a sauna and comfortable outdoor furniture which make the most of the views.

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