Mt.Merino Perched Cedar Clad House is inviting

We love all these beautiful houses clad with numerous varieties of surrounding trees and in this case, cedar is working up its magic. This beautiful and inviting house is located on the top of Mt. Merino and other than the surrounding cedar trees, the views of the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains make it special. What is more is that the walls of this house are also made of cedar so the walls blend well with surrounding environment. The house encompasses a generous 2200 square feet so it has afforded a two-storey interior garden court as well. We also love the loft inspired living on the first floor and the outdoor dining room on the lower level.It is big and white , giving the impression of space and breathing fresh air. It is built of concrete combined with wood and it’s pretty modern and full of the latest technology gizmos, but in the middle of nature and having great view. The perfect location for the perfect house.


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