Mountain Stock Farm Residence by Locati Architects

I grew up on the country side, so I know what means to live surrounded by nature and spending most of the time outside. Now, when I don’t have time anymore to go home, I miss all the moments spent in the forest, when I was playing with my friends and I was breathing fresh air. Well, some people aren’t willing to give up this lifestyle for crowded cities. Bozeman-based studio Locati Architects has designed the Stock Farm Residence project for a family who loves to spend time in the nature, and enjoys every single moment surrounded by an amazing view.

Completed in 2010, this rural single story home is located in the small town of Hamilton, Montana, USA and it is an extremely picturesque place with close proximity to the Bitterroot and Saphire Mountain Ranges. The owner’s desire was to build a home to maximize indoor and outdoor living, but also a place where they can live, work and entertain.

Wanting a place with private spaces separate from the public ones, this house has three different parts. In the middle it is the public area; an elegant living room featuring a vaulted ceiling with wooden beams, large expenses of glass and an impressive stone fireplace, that heats the place creating a romantic atmosphere when the sun goes down on the sky.

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Outside, there is a covered patio, the ultimate gathering place equipped with a built-in barbeque, dining area and nearby, a fire pit. The private sections of the house are linked by a hallway with many windows that maximize the amazing views.

Bedrooms are simple, with comfortable pieces of furniture, and as decoration, designers preferred to use the natural landscape, which couldn’t be equaled by any decorative object. For entertaining, the art studio is another fun space in this home, with dual garage doors; the room can be completely opened up for maximum ventilation and connection to the outdoors for creative inspiration.



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