Modular Treehouse Project by Appleton & Domingos

Treehouse is a project with a rather misleading name. It’s a new concept that was developed by family-owned company Jular and it refers to sustainable and modular structures that can adapt to the needs of their owners. The structure they came up with is a small, compact house. It was built by Appleton & Domingos and it’s located in Riga, Portugal. It was completed in 2012.

The house is divided into individual volumes and also has the potential of being expanded. The name actually starts to make sense at this point. The house is not a tree house. Its name suggests the fact that it can grow according to the needs of its owners, just like the branches of a tree. It was designed to be a modular and flexible space. The company that came with the idea has been in the wooden products market for 35 years and in the market of wooden structures for 10 years so it’s fair to say that know what they’re doing.

This particular house is the most recent model. It has been adapted to be more flexible and it also has a new typology. The modules that form the house were designed to respond to the demands of smaller houses and touristic enterprises. As for the interior décor, it was the work of Magda Alves Pereira. The result was a serene, Mediterranean look with a cozy and joyful atmosphere.

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