Modular Pekapeka House by Parsonson Architects

This Modular House is located in Pekapeka Beach, New Zealand and was projected and designed by Parsonson Architects having in mind a strong architectural character but economical at the same time.The architects choose to use modular panels reducing the costs.The house consists of three parts: the middle buildings are living room, dining room and kitchen. This is actually meant to be a beach holiday house and the architects intended to find out a simple and affordable solution for people who want to have a holiday house built in a short time with not too many expenses. The house is modular, that is there are pre-defined and made modules you can simply transport here and then fix them to the ground and to each other so as to have your own dream house. It may not seem like that, but this building is actually very strong and it has the perfect location for a holiday house, having one side to the mountains and one side to the beach. There are two large bedrooms at each side of the house and the space in between them is used as a living room, with a floating room supported by the two rooms on the sides. It uses solar power and is a very simple solution for that specific geographic area.

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