Modular Cube Unit Fully-Equipped For Micro Apartments

For designer Nils Holger Moormann, the Kammerspiel project was the largest piece ever constructed as well as a big success. To better understand what the project is all about, picture a setting with very little floor space, like a studio or a tiny apartment. It’s very difficult to fit all the necessary functions and items in such a limited space and this usually leads to compromises and lack of comfort. The designers attempts to solve this issue with a cube structure that’s sort of like a room within a room.

The module is compact and designed to make the most of every little inch of spaceThe stairs that lead up to the sleeping platform double as drawers for maximum storage capacity

The cube organizes the important features around the external sides. This includes the sleeping and eating spaces but also a work area and a reading space. There are organized around the exterior shell of the cube while the interior includes extra storage as well as a walk-in closet. The bed is placed at the top and can be reached via a set of stairs which are cleverly designed to double as storage drawers.

The bed is placed at the top of the module, taking advantage of the remaining space under the ceilingThe external sides of the cube incorporates the important functions and can be customized

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Of course, since not everyone requires the same things and doesn’t have the same preferences, the cube is also meant to be modular. It can be customized and reconfigured for different needs with a few particular options in mind. Several options are available and they’re suitable for writers, sportspeople, those that work from home but also for the fashion conscious types.

One side of the cube offers a seating space and can also serve as a reading area, featuring shelves for booksAlthough not particularly large, this tiny sofa. bench is a good option for really small spaces

All of these condensed features and functions are cleverly organized into a compact and space-saving module. The cube thus offers a space-saving solution for small spaces such as studios or student apartments. It’s organized like a room within a room, putting all the important elements in one place so the rest of the apartment can remain airy and furniture-free.

The module can be customized according to each user’s needs and lifestyle choicesThe kitchen section is surprisingly well-equipped with all the necessary features as well as with generous counter space

You probably wouldn’t expect the kitchen in this module to offer much but it’s actually surprisingly well-equipped. It offers generous counter surface for prepping and cooking, a built-in stove top, oven, shelves and storage cabinets for all the necessary things. Even though black is the main color used for the design, this doesn’t make the space look any less inviting, comfortable or open. In fact, all the black gives the cube a slender look, allowing it to appear less robust and less imposing.

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The interior of the cube offers additional storage and also includes a walk-in wardrobe



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