Modern white house that seems to be cut off from a magazine

This is the kind of house that seems to be cut off from a magazine. I have studied it for some minutes, and I cannot say that I saw at least one mistake, a small piece of rock that is not in its place. Everything seems to be perfect thanks to the architect’s hard work and care. This project designed by Alexander Brenner Architekten was finished in 2007 and it is located on a 4876 m2 plot in Stuttgart, Germany.

The construction is a combination of white cubes with individual functions perfectly combined in this amazing unit placed on a hilltop with amazing views. Although it is very big, the Am Oberen Berg house is designed to have both privacy and beautiful natural views. The entrance is very simple and it doesn’t reveal in any way what hides behind those black and white walls.

The whole house has big windows and glass walls in the opposite side, where there is a landscaped garden, a long wooden terrace with a pool in the middle and the beautiful views of the hills and city. Inside, our first stop is in the two story hallway which leads us in the right side where is the kitchen and the dining room or in the left side, in the living room.

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Although the size of the house is remarkable, the chambers aren’t as high as we would expect, because a higher ceiling will allow excessive light inside which will disturb the inhabitants. All those white surfaces combined with gray wooden floors are very dull, so this house needed a shade of color to invigorate the rooms. Besides the lighting objects that warm the place, the house was decorated with brown tones of furniture and accessories, but also with the natural landscape which was used as decoration.



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