Modern Weekend Retreat Welcomed The Rugged Landscape In Its Design

Quinta da Baronesa is a modern residential retreat designed by Studio Arthur Casas, a team of designers, architects and urbanists with projects all over the world. The house was designed as a weekend retreat for a young couple with two children and was built in 2010 in the outskirts of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Quinta da Baronesa house surrounding landscape

The entire structure covers an area of almost 1000 square meters and offers generous living and recreational spaces. Because it was built on a very steep plot, the building is terraced. This allows it to offer a smooth and seamless transition between the different volumes and floors while remaining almost imperceptible from the street level.

Quinta da Baronesa house terraced architecture

The private areas are situated on the upper floor. The lower levels contain the common spaces. The transition between them is gradual and natural. The rugged topography of the land is partially responsible for the whole design and structure of the house. At the same time, it brought in some gorgeous views of the gold course and the whole landscape behind it.

Quinta da Baronesa house viewed from the side

Quinta da Baronesa house reclaimed brickwork on exterior

The main materials used for the project include wood and brick. The bricks come from previously demolished structures and they offer the house a diversified look. The way in which the different shades combine on the facades is charming with a hint of rustic.

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Quinta da Baronesa house staircase box at the core

A large staircase sits at the core of the structure, inside a compact vertical box with large openings that let light in and offer expansive views of the surroundings. To the right of the staircase is the space and home theater, the latter one being integrated in a cantilevered box that doubles as a trampoline for the swimming pool below.

Quinta da Baronesa house pathway to garage

Quinta da Baronesa house pool cantilevered trampoline

The main social area is composed of a living space, kitchen and dining area. Although these functions are part of the same open floor plan, they each maintain their individuality through subtle design details.

Quinta da Baronesa house social area and adjacent terrace

Quinta da Baronesa house view of the pool from inside

The dominating feature in the living area is a suspended fireplace. The sofa and chairs are organized in front of it, forming a cozy and welcoming seating area with a coffee table at the center and delineated by a striped rug featuring autumn-inspired colors.

Quinta da Baronesa house living room fireplace

Quinta da Baronesa house indoor outdoor transition

The kitchen and dining area are connected and open onto a courtyard. A vertical garden shelters the spaces and offers them privacy while also bringing in a fresh and vibrant ambiance. Large pivot glass door make the transition between the interior and exterior spaces seamless and natural without obstructing the views.

Quinta da Baronesa house kitchen white and simple design

Quinta da Baronesa house kitchen connection to outdoors

Quinta da Baronesa house kitchen vertical garden

The first floor contains the private zone. It’s separated into two sections by a corridor. In total, this floor houses 5 suites. The two sections include an area for the family and a second one for the guests. All the rooms open onto large balconies with cantilevered pergolas. On the second floor, large openings on each side allot light to enter the staircase box.

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Quinta da Baronesa house bedroom views

The generous infinity edge swimming pool is framed by wooden decks. A cantilevered extension of the volume to the left of the staircase serves as a trampoline while also being an interesting architectural detail.

Quinta da Baronesa house at night



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