Modern update for a 1980’s house with gorgeous views of a tropical garden

Located in Miami’s oldest neighborhood, this house was built back in the 1980’s and has undergone two other renovation aside from the latest one. Surrounded by flourishing tropical gardens, the house needed to open up to the views and to embrace them. Max Strang Architects are responsible for the renovation that made that happen.

The new design of the house allows it to take full advantage of the views and of its location. The exterior has a chic contemporary look and the interior was designed to match that. The house is quite big. It has a spacious living area with an airy and bright décor and double height ceiling. The color palette is mainly based on white and gray tones with a few contrasting touches in the form of accent furniture or artwork.

The walls and the furniture are white throughout the residence, with very few exceptions. The kitchen is a separate area, with floor-to-ceiling glass walls, gorgeous and peaceful views and a minimalistic design. The large island doubles as a bar and is complemented by chic red bar stools and by that lovely little corner chair beautifully placed there so one can admire the views and drift away is dream land.

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