Modern Tangga House by Guz Architects

Tangga house is a modern version of a conventional house with a patio that lies around a central green courtyard.  It has two levels of height stair and entrance that forms the main part.  The plan is L-shaped so as to create open spaces which would enable good exposure to natural air and freshness.

As a result, the resident gets a good view of the area extending from the courtyard to the verandah, gardens of the top and further.  Nature’s presence is palpable in every part of the house.  This is apparent from the roof gardens that have abundance of green plants around the house.

Above the courtyard, there is a large roof which creates an indoor and outdoor space stretching up to the gardens and swimming pool.  The house is surrounded by gardens and swimming pool on two sides.  Owners can lead a peaceful life in nature’s company.  People willing to take a break from Singapore’s tropical climate, can live in Tangga house.{ Guz Architects and pictures Patrick Bingham Hal}


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