Modern St. Hubert Residence

There are people who do not dream about luxurious houses, but about having their own place, a simple and decent home in which to feel at ease. It is also the case with St. Hubert Residence, a simple and modest home characterized by natural light and large space. It is all you need if you are not interested in living in style, but feeling comfortable in your own shoes in a pleasant environment, beyond superficial  material things.

The designer managed to compress the space on split-levels in order to have the rooms the owner wanted, every little corner having the benefit of natural light, one of the most important  aspects in a house if you take into account that this also gives the impression of even more space.

What is interesting is the fact that you find yourself in a place in which proportions are maintained, no matter you are inside or outside; there is a permanent air of simplicity given by the use of wood, glass and the raw and untouched elements make everything natural and pleasant, giving that impression that you meet only in a house in the country, of feeling comfortable and enjoying everything around, as every little  thing seems to have a  healing effect.

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The walls are white, the furniture is simple, but providing all the things you might need, while the plants and the decorations animate the entire atmosphere.



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