Modern residential design by Coates Design

The weather becomes colder and colder, we have the tendency to spend more and more time inside. A great house with all the modern facilities, which can offer comfort and privacy, is the perfect place where you can enjoy all your favorite activities. A relaxing bath, some great moments of lecture, watching the beautiful landscapes from a roof terrace represent some of the moments which can bring you peacefulness and happiness. Many of these activities may charge your batteries and help you become fresh and full of energy again.

All these moments can be found at the beautiful Ellis Residence designed by Coates Design.Ellis Residence is located on Bainbridge Island in Washington State. This location allows it to offer great views of Puget Sound and City of Seattle. It represents an exquisite combination of modernity, eco-friendly place, comfort and simplicity.

This house features a 70% energy use reduction due to the use of geothermal heat, photovoltaic energy collection, solar hot water, thermal massing, and heat-recovery technologies. Here it can be added rain water collection cisterns, radiant floor heating, site-milled wood trim, triple-glazed windows and a vegetated roof which transforms the residence into an ideal place where you can enjoy the wonderful pleasant moments that it can offer you.

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You may notice the simplicity of the interior design and the dominance of wood and wood natural color for most of the furniture pieces. All the spaces of the house offer great views of the natural landscapes from outside which create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.



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