Modern Residence Makes The Most Of Its Location And Views

Looking back on a lot of inspiring projects, we realize that the first and most important part is choosing the site. The location has a lot to do with how a residence ends up looking, with its function and the ambiance it provides. The house envisioned by SPASM Design Architects in collaboration with engineers Rajeev Shah & Associates reflects the importance of this decision.

Deolali House exterior design and location

It took 8 months to select the site for this residence and, when that part was done, everything came together beautifully. The house is located in Deolali, India and was completed in 2014. It sits on the edge of a reservoir and has expansive views of the hills and the sky.

An important requirement and, at the same time, a challenge, was the small budget. This decision was made in order to inspire others to choose locations like this one, proving that living in a remote area can be affordable and wonderful.

Deolali House swing bench on terrace

The house offers a total of 454 square meters of living space spread on a single level. The remote location encouraged the architects to use prefabricated metal components and to design the house with a flat structure and a flat roof.

The location also demanded that the house would be low-maintenance and that the inhabitants share a low-tech lifestyle. As a result, the team kept the design simple and emphasized the indoor-outdoor connection through large windows, glass walls and an interior design that invites nature in.

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The studio’s projects are usually defined by simplicity. They don’t try to be avant-garde but this doesn’t stop the team from adding a poetic touch to everything they do. The preservation of the site also played an important role in the development of the project.

The living space opens onto a large covered terrace which can serve as an extension of the space and can accommodate an outdoor dining area, a swing bench and several other functions and features, depending on the needs of those involved.

The most beautiful views can be seen from the bedrooms. They feature full height windows that wrap around the corner of the room and interior designs that are very relaxing overall. These zen bedrooms are simply perfect.

The bathrooms are designed the same way, using natural materials and bringing vegetation and nature in.

The residence also has a roof terrace populated with low-maintenance plants.

Delali House roof terrace vegetation



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