Modern residence Located Salt Lake City, Utah

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, this modern residence was built in 2009 and it was a project developed by Axis Architects. The house sits on a 4,100SqFt lot and it provides beautiful views over the sea. It sits on Salt Lake City’s East Bench on Devonshire, a relaxing and private area, perfect for a calm retreat.

The owners required that the house would have a very specific structure, with the public areas and the private areas strictly and physically separated from each other. This ensures privacy for all the users of the house. Each level of the house has a very specific function.

For example, the lower lever contains the garage, the storage area and an entrance foyer. The main level of the house includes all public areas, like the living, dining areas and the kitchen. The clients also requested for a master bedroom to be included on this level but that needed to be clearly separated from the public areas. On this level there’s also a large exterior balcony.

The upper level of the house contains the private areas, including a study and two bedrooms. The clients were also very specific when it came to choosing the materials. They wanted them to require a minimum maintenance. So the architects chose to use architectural concrete, and corten steel cladding.{found on archdaily and pics by Paul Richer, Richer Images }

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