Modern residence in the Columbia Gorge

This beautiful house belongs to Tao Berman, a kayaker who has always dreamed about this place. He grew up in the mountains of northern Washington and had a really tough childhood. With no electricity and no heat, he used to sleep outside during the summer. He grew up dreaming that one day he would be able to build his own house. Well…he finally did it.

After spending so much time dreaming about it, he knew exactly what he wanted. When he finally made enough money as a professional white-water kayaker, Mr. Berman decided to make his dream come true. His house is located in a bluff above the Columbia Gorge and it covers an area of 3,500 square feet. It’s a contemporary residence, unlike the traditional ones that surround it. It’s a simple but very inviting home and it also offers views of the river.

The house is not only beautiful but also environmentally-friendly. It was built using weathered, rusty steel and glass. It’s a Y-shaped structure and the design was more or less dictated by the weather conditions from the area. The house has large, continuous windows on two sides that offer views of the Mount Hood and Columbia River Gorge. The interior features white walls and bamboo floors throughout. The internal structure was dictated by the outdoors conditions. It’s why the kitchen is located in the corner where it can’t block the views and the master bedroom is in the back, away from the wind but close to the views.{found on wsj}.

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