Modern residence in Sweden by Johan Sundberg

This is the Håkansson Tegman house, a modern residence located in Höllviken, Sweden.. The house was designed by Johan Sundberg.Höllviken which is south of Malmö was originally a seaside resort. However, the houses are slowly being turned into permanent residences.The Håkansson Tegman house sits on a corner lot.The residence is owned by a middle-aged couple with children who now have their own homes. They wanted to be closed to nature so they decided to permanently live here. The own a modern and nature-oriented one-story house with an inner garden and lots of bright and airy spaces.

The residence includes three small bedrooms located in the northern wing of the house. The western wing is basically a continuous space that includes the kitchen, the dining room, the library, the living room and a winter garden.

The exterior structure of the house has been built using Pedersen clay bricks staked together. It has a steel-reinforced timber frame. The house features large windows throughout together with sliding glass doors. The front door as well as the garage door are made from ammonium smoked oak. The main idea was to create a simple but inviting home for the couple where they can be close to nature and enjoy its beauty. As you can see, the whole house has been designed to offer bright and open spaces, with large windows, glass walls and lots of cozy areas.

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