Modern Residence in Queensland, Australia by Bark Architects

The exterior of the Markus beach house reminds one of a tropical resort than a spacious contemporary home.  The designers of this exotic house are Bark Architects.  It is only about 250 meters from the Marcus Beach.

Located in Queensland, Australia, proper use of the environment has been made and the architects have left no stone unturned to see that there was the right connection between the exteriors of the house and the environment.  The focal point of this fantastic house is its inner court yard.

The windows in most of the rooms give a view of the beach which is very refreshing.  With the use of basic sustainability principles, the need for artificial ventilation and lighting has been reduced to the minimum. One gets a feeling of incredible peace and comfort created by the pleasant play of shades of the blinds on the huge windows.  It is truly a veritable place to relax.


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