Modern residence in Orsay by Eva Samuel Architecte et Associes

Located in Orsay, France, this residence impresses with its simple and modern design. The house was a project developed by Eva Samuel Architecte et Associes. It was built in several stages. Even so, it has a very cohesive design, both inside and out. The exterior design of the house is modern and simple, with a compact and geometrical shape.

The interior is also simple and tasteful. The living room has an open floor plan and shares the area with the kitchen. It’s very airy and functional. Throughout the house, the furniture is modern and minimalist. The wall units from the living area take care of the owners’ storage needs while also maintaining an airy atmosphere. There aren’t any unnecessary details or accessories. Everything is simple and efficient. The house also has a lovely lounge area with a glass wall that allows panoramic views of the outdoor areas.

The indoor-outdoor connection is very strong thanks to the glass walls and large windows. These spaces seem to become one when needed but they are also delimitated and can become private. The house opens and closes as its owners want. The residence has a terrace connected to a beautiful garden. The terrace is protected from the sun and serves as a wonderful and quiet relaxation space. Overall, this is a lovely family home with a beautiful design and a wonderful and quiet location.

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