Modern residence in Lima featuring a smooth transition between social and private spaces

Located in San Isidro, Lima, Peru, this residence has been designed by Seinfeld Arquitectos. It was built in 2008 and it has a modern and chic design. The element that best defines the project is the very nice and smooth transition between social and private spaces. The architects managed to combine these functions beautifully and to create a very nice balance throughout the house.

The design that you see now is the result of a long and detailed study focusing specifically on the relationship which is established between these spaces. The public and the private areas are very different. They each have specific functions and require a certain type of design and décor. Nevertheless, they need to communicate so a relationship has to exist between them. Let’s see how the architects managed to deal with this aspect in the case of this particular project.

These transitions occur in the main axis of the house. The residence has two patios. One is a more public space that is connected to a second courtyard while the other is a little more private. There is an entrance to the house on the side and it leads to the staircase. The living room is a double height space with large windows on the sides and with natural light coming from above as well. The interior design throughout the rooms is simple, modern but also elegant. There are accent pieces that feature a more classical style and that give the décor a more sophisticated look without making it seem pretentious.

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