Modern residence connected with nature

Well, nowadays it is very important to preserve our resources, so I really appreciate people who do something in this direction. The Areopagus Residence completed in 2011 by Paravant Architects in Atenas, Costa Rica is a 750 square meters custom-made property designed to be an intimate place connected with the natural landscape around as much as possible. To preserve electricity and to be ecological, the owners wanted a place that doesn’t need air conditioning systems.

So, the whole construction is built in a way that allows fresh air to circulate inside, having a natural cooling system and to heat the place when is cold outside. Villa Areopagus sits modestly on a piece of land surrounded by trees and vegetation, a place which gives you the privilege to enjoy a wonderful view. One side of the house is opaque, it has a massive concrete wall that offers privacy; just a few small windows allows us to see a glimpse of the interior.

The other side of the house is different than the first one: here we can see an open area which includes the living room, but also the exterior terrace with complete views of the valley towards San Jose. In order to protect the house from sunlight and heat, the south façade has a deep roof overhang which provides shade.

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In the interior we can see a lovely living room, a place which plays with all kinds of lights that emphasize the elegant furniture and finishes. From here, we can see through the 16 meters sliding glass wall a beautiful infinite pool decorated with spotlights, that create an amazing effect.



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