Modern Prefab Home That Seems To Levitate Above Ground

When approaching this building, its whole mass seems to be lifted above ground and to levitate with no apparent support. As you get closer, you can understand why and how the effect was created. This MIMA Light, a structure that has its bottom lined with mirrors.

MIMA Light house levitating

Thanks to this simple and innovative design solution, the team at MIMA, a multidisciplinary studio always on the lookout for new ideas, managed to create this interesting visual effect. Their motto is “high end architecture made simple” and that’s exactly what they did here.

MIMA Light house side view

MIMA Light house side and entrance

This particular house is located in Portugal but you can have one just like it distributed anywhere in the European Union. All of them are produced entirely in the factory. that’s also where they’re assembled. They are then transported to the site and that’s where they start their new life.

MIMA Light house facade and rooftop

MIMA Light house tiyn deck

This is in fact the most affordable of all MIMA houses. Its design is simple, pure and iconic and both the interior and the exterior are defined by minimalist sophistication. In a way, you could say that this house is like a sculpture but on a different scale.

MIMA Light house entry deck

MIMA Light house deck seat

MIMA Light house entryway

No matter where you place it, the house will reflect its surroundings and will create the hovering effect. The open green landscape is in this case an excellent way to showcase how amazing this design concept is.

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MIMA Light house entryway door

MIMA Light house glass entry door

The house is not impressive only on the outside. Its interior is just as beautiful. Enter through the side to be welcomed into a linear floor plan. The walls, floor and ceiling are all lined with pine boards and this creates a very cozy and bright look.

MIMA Light house kitchen and hallway

MIMA Light house kitchen

A small kitchen resembles a box. It has cabinetry at the top and bottom and a symmetrical design overall. An LED strip illuminated the counter and provides task lighting for the sink and cook top.

MIMA Light house kitchen counter

A small dining table with an interesting oval top is complemented by a pair of matching chairs. A narrow hallway then leads to the sleeping area. it’s a very simple space with nothing but a platform bed and a small stool. The bedroom has a full height window which connects it directly to the outdoors.

MIMA Light house bathroom box

MIMA Light house bedroom corner

The last component of the floor plan is a small bathroom with a walk-in shower enclosure and a counter holding a washbasin. The floor and walls are covered with small and square brown tiles while the ceiling and counter add a natural beauty of the wood to the décor.

MIMA Light house bedroom view

MIMA Light house bathroom

The MIMA Light house is available in two different sizes. The smaller one measures 9 meters in length while the larger one (MIMA Light Plus) measures 12 meters. They are both suitable options for vacation homes, temporary houses and even for tourist destinations.

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MIMA Light house at sunset

MIMA Light house interior lights up



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