Modern Orange Box by LSA Architects

LSA Architects have designed the South Yarra House. Located in Melbourne, Australia this unique home gives flavor to a densly populated street. The architects wanted to create something that would be a statement within the eclectic neighborhood.

Capturing your gaze and holding your attention as you approach, this lovely home blurs internal/external boundaries. In order to achieve such a house the architects had to create voluminous forms, instal glazing to multiple and varied planes and apply color to engage the viewer and provide continuity and connection between the internal and external spaces. The residence presents itself as a box that has the upper level painted in orange.

Due to a budget limit they focused on volume, color and natural light, keeping costs to a minimum. Another effect of the budget restrictions was the prevention of including a basement car-parking, but they provided street parking. Furthermore this stunning house presents four bedrooms and an open plan kitchen, living and dining areas which open up to a large rear courtyard. With the help of courtyards to the east and west, the architects increased natural ventilation and decreased the need for air-conditioning.

The South Yarra House is an amazing place to call home. It is contemporary, it has beautiful modern furniture and a design that will blow your mind.

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