Modern Open Space Coffee Bar in Murau, Austria

Located in a very small town called Murau from Argentina, this modern place was a project developed by Architektur Steinbacher Thierrichter. It was originally a traditional tavern with remaining part from a 13th century building. So it was a historic place with some significant details. However, it needed some changes in order to make attractive again.

In 2006 the building was enlarged, by adding a Café-Bar. In order to do, the architects working at the project used a new hybrid technology. They used a series of regionally significant materials like wood and steel. This combination of materials allowed a smooth transition from the old building and its characteristics and the newer additions.

What’s particularly interesting and nice is the fact that the building is in perfect harmony with the surroundings. It has the same height and scale as the rest of the surrounding buildings and it blends naturally and very smoothly with the rest of the structures, rather than separating itself from them. It’s a very nice example of how you can integrate a modern building into a more traditional environment without making it stand out more than it’s necessary. The new Café-Bar also offers very beautiful views over the forest and the rest of the surroundings.

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