Modern Minimalist Residence in Tokyo

Mita Residence is a minimal home located in Tokyo, Japan and was designed by YJP Architecture and Toyoda and Associates. Situated on a sloped street that connects a busy commercial region with a residential area, this lovely house is a warm and welcoming place to land.

The architects had one challenge, which was to place the house within bigger scale buildings while conforming to the tight envelope of the zoning regulations. Not only did they manage to do so, but they also ensured a comfortable and spacious living environment. Moreover the design aimed for a more efficiently possibility of housing for up to three families withour sacrificing the living quality.

The form of the building is obtained from the typical Japanese shop-house seen throughout Tokyo. Furthermore the interior presents minimalism in its best form: clean but not overbearingly cold. Neutral colors were used throughout the entire place in order to give it a warm atmosphere. Also, the huge windows flood the space with natural light, giving it a sense of openness.

Mita Residence is the perfect place to start your life. It is a lovely contemporary home and a sanctuary to retreat to. The perfect reflection of beauty, this house is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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