Modern Memorial Chapel in Virginia

The Semper Fidelis Memorial Chapel is located in Quantico, Virginia, USA and it’s more than just another place for meditation and prayer. It’s a reinterpretation of the traditional chapels but with a modern twist and with a simple and elegant design. The chapel has been designed bz Fentress Architects and itţs indeed a masterpiece.

This beautiful has won the BESTaward from the International Interior Design Assicoation or IIDA. It was described as having „masterful execution”, „near perfect detailing” and „a wonderful integration between the interior and exterior architecture”. The best way to describe this chapel is as simple and very serene. Moreover, given the materials used, the transition from exterior to exterior is very smooth and seamless. The construction of the chapel was completed in September 2009.

The building covers an area of 2,276 square feet and it’s a place for honoring the heroes and loved ones. The chapel features floor-to-ceiling glass walls framed by natural fieldstone and timber columns. This ensures a very strong connection with the outdoor areas and the surrounding landscape. The main materials used are wood, stone and glass.

They are elements that create a strong connection with nature and also ensure a serene, simple and very pleasant atmosphere. Moreover, the chapel has also been designed to meet the standards for LEED Silver certification. It uses a geothermal HVAC system and it also has hidden under-floor air distribution delivery systems for energy efficiency and for comfort.{found on archdaily}.

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