Modern Mediterranean Villa Full Of Exciting Design Details

The Cool Blue Villa is a modern holiday residence located in Marbella, Spain, at the edge of the Mediterranean. It was a project by 123DV, a team of creative professionals that enjoy surprising their clients with unexpected and exciting designs.

The Cool Blue Villa viewed from a distance

The team focuses on both the architecture and the interior design of each project and their goal is to create a sense of home in a modern villa using a simple but effective design approach. In the case of this particular holiday villa, the focus was on designing a home with six bedroom that would offer panoramic views of the sea and the surroundings without sacrificing privacy.

The Cool Blue Villa's full height window facade

The 123DV team saw this as an extra challenge and managed to incorporate all the desired featured while, at the same time, also adding their own twist to the project. The views play an important role but they’re not the only defining feature. The villa also benefits from a close connection to a series of water features.

The Cool Blue Villa's long and narrow garden

The site on which the building was constructed measures 1 hectare and most of it is occupied by the residence itself, leaving little room for greenery. Even so, a long and narrow garden serves as a buffer between the residence and the fence line.

The Cool Blue Villa's LED strip design on the facade

Seen from a distance, this holiday home doesn’t standout that much. Its architecture is really simple. Still, there are a few accent details that make it special. One example is the series of LED light strips that appear to divide the facade into random-sizes slices. They create an artistic outline at night.

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The Cool Blue Villa's infinity pool

An infinity pool placed alongside the living area is linked to an outdoor lounge area which ensures a smooth and seamless transition between the spaces. In addition to the pool, there’s also a 1 meter wide canal that surrounds the entrance and can be viewed from the other side of the living area. Stepping stones placed over the water form a walkway that leads to the entrance.

The Cool Blue Villa's one meter canal

The natural stone wall is another beautiful feature which, gives the proximity to the water, emphasizes the natural beauty of the design as a whole, establishing at the same time a really great cohesion throughout.

The Cool Blue Villa's triangular kitchen island

The kitchen is placed just behind the pool lounge. This layout creates a smooth transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces and, at the same time, establishes a large entertainment area. The kitchen’s interior design is minimalist, featuring a large triangle-shaped island and natural stone flooring. Full-height windows and sliding doors connect the kitchen to the pool area while also letting in natural light and exposing the space to the landscape and views. The kitchen shares an open floor plan with the dining room and living area and this exquisite modern kitchen island is not the only focal point of the space.

The Cool Blue Villa's dining area geometric decor features

Both these zones feature a geometric theme. This is highlighted through a series of accent features such as the pendant lamps hanging above the dining table, the bamboo poles displayed in the large vase by the window or the black and white area rug.

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The Cool Blue Villa's clear staircase balustrades

A minimal staircase connects the ground floor to the upper levels and to the roof terrace. It features clear glass balustrades, white treads and risers and oversized steel bolts which, apart from having a functional role, also function as decorative elements for the overall design of the staircase. In addition to this, the glass staircase wall maintains a clear and airy décor without obstructing the views in any way.

The Cool Blue Villa views from the staircase

The first floor is occupied by the luxury bedrooms. This disposition gives the three-story villa a well-defined and organized feel, keeping the private spaces separated from the social zones but still at the hearth of the residence.

The Cool Blue Villa's street art bedroom wall decor

Each bedroom is different and special. They all share in common decors that look and feel fresh, featuring accent details such as vibrant yet soothing color palettes based on neutral shades of white, gray, beige and brown combined with shades of Mediterranean blue and the numerous shades of green visible through the full height windows.

The Cool Blue Villa's luxury bathroom colors and materials

The Cool Blue Villa's luxury bathroom minimalism

An interesting detail is the fact that, in place of a headboard, this bedroom uses street art wall décor. This bedroom’s en-suite and all the other ones share in common luxury interior designs. Although the color palette is kept neutral, it’s the overall ambiance that sets the tone. However, considering the rest of the interior design, the luxury bathroom actually blends in pretty well.

The Cool Blue Villa viewed from a neighboring site



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