Modern Lake Park Homes combine coziness with sophisticated beauty

Usually, it’s difficult to create the feeling of a unique and personalized interior décor when you design a residential complex or a series of homes which are part of the same structure. However, behind the generic elements there’s always room for innovation. Like in the case of the Lake Park Homes. They’re a series of six town homes and a family residence designed by Pb Elemental Architecture.

They’re all located in the Kemydale suburb of Seattle and have views of Lake Washington. The layout and internal structure is roughly the same in all of them. They have large, private terraces overlooking the lake, fireplaces and custom furniture. The interior is modern, with simple and clean lines, chic accent features and stylish decorations.

Color plays an important role in the interior décor of these spaces. Each room has a distinct color palette. Neutral and simple shades were chosen in general and they are usually complemented by a bold or contrasting color. This ensures a dynamic look and an elegant yet playful décor.


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