Modern ivy-covered forest house in Hungary

This beautiful dream home is located in Svab Hills, Hungary. The residence was designed by architect Satoshi Okada. and it belongs to photographer Tomasz Gudzowatyon. It’s a forest house with a simple architecture but with a very interesting detail.

This magnificent forest house is covered with ivy. It’s an unusual picture, especially in the heart of the Hungarian capital. The location is one of the most visited green spots and it’s a great place for a family-home. The site offers panoramic views and it’s surrounded by 200 year old beech trees. Since the landscape was so beautiful already, the architect decided to preserve everything he could.

The residence is composed of four slender cores sitting between the beech trees. They function both as supporting structures and as boundaries for the rooms. Between them there’s the living area, a large room with transparent glass walls that displays exquisite views. And as if the house wasn’t impressive enough already, it also has a roof garden and ivy covering almost an entire façade. It’s like a little oasis in the middle of the city.

It’s actually a very beautiful combination between the cold concrete structure and the organic natural elements. It’s the perfect outcome for this situation. When nature meets the city it either dies or it adapts. Fortunately, this case had a happy ending.

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