Modern-Industrial Home Becomes One With The Desert Landscape

For the architects at Olson Kundig, buildings represent bridges between nature and people and their culture. A lot of their projects are focused on the idea that inspiring surroundings can have a positive effect on people’s lives. That’s  how they designed this modern residence in Ketchum, US. The project was completed in 2015 and the house stands on a property measuring a total of 6500 square meters.

The residence is surrounded by desert mountain landscape and its design complements itThe architects played with contrasts and gave the house both privacy and sweeping viewsThe interior spaces are organized in two wings, each with its own functions and ambiance

The clients and the architects agreed from the start that they wanted the building to have a strong relationship with its surroundings. As a result, the house emerges out of the landscape and becomes one with the landscape. The strategies employed to achieve this look are simple and clever. The overall design is based on strong contrasts although one of the project’s most important characteristics is the nice balance between the materials, colors, forms and everything else.

Large windows reveal the panoramic views of the surroundings and link the interior spaces to the outdoorsThe overall design has a strong industrial flair. The facade is partially covered in weathered steelThe corten facade is meant to coordinate with the surroundings and to establish a close connection

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In order to connect the house to its surroundings and to allow it to become one with the desert mountain landscape around it, the architects chose to use corten steel for the facades. They designed the roof using corrugated weathered steel and they used stone and concrete for the foundation and walls in combination with steel and glass for the upper portion of the building.

In winter, the house is barely noticeable, being covered in snowA section of the house is buried while the opposite end offers unobstructed views of the landscape
The beauty of the design comes from the perfect balance of open and enclosed spaces

While the East end of the house is buried, the West sections are cantilevered and offer unobstructed views of the nearby mountains and the vast and open landscape. This way an interesting relationship is established between the portions of the house which are concealed and private and the ones that are almost entirely exposed to the outdoors.

Full height windows and glass doors open the interior spaces to the large decks and terracesThe large windows let in views of the desert landscape and give the interior a rugged feelNevertheless, the interior decor and ambiance are very inviting and comfortable thanks to the materials and colors used

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The interior spaces are organized into two main sections. They both have large windows that connect them to a central courtyard. The cantilevered portions feature patios under them, serving a double purpose. The two wings of the house are connected by a bridge made of steel and glass, a design that links it to the other sections of the house from an aesthetic point of view.

The social area features a large open kitchen linked to a series of living spacesThe interior design and decor are a mixture of modern and industrial elements

As far as the interior design goes, the residence has a strong industrial character but is also modern. It features a unique style which its owners describe as mountain industrial. One of the major goals of the project was to capture the authentic high desert mountain landscape and its rugged nature into the design of the house so it can naturally fit in. The industrial decor was the perfect match for such a project.

The bedrooms are furnished in wood and their decors are simple, warm and invitingThe bathrooms don’t lack panoramic views either, being open to their surroundings



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