Modern House with a Traditional Twist

Studio Graux & Baeyens Architecten have completed a gorgeous house located just outside the town of Ghent, Belgium. This property is a reminder of history due to the fact that the plot is part of a domain where used to be a castle destroyed in World War II.

Copper clad house1

Copper clad house2

The architects wanted to create a house that would integrate into the woddy surroundings, making it “a poetic impermanence”. In order to achieve this feel they used copper panels with visible seams that have been left untreated. These panels will change color from golden brown to vivid turquoise in time.

Copper clad house

Copper clad house3

Copper clad house4

Copper clad house5

VDV House is a beautiful two storey building that has a lot to offer. The home’s ground floor houses the family rooms, such as the dining area and lounge. The upper level is reached by a spiral staircase, and presents the bedrooms. The interior is modern and simple with a neutral color palette and floor to ceiling windows that ease access for natural light. Moreover the living area is separated from the dining room by a wall where the fireplace stands.

Copper clad house6

Copper clad house7

Copper clad house8

This familiar and strange residence has an unique look and is a part of history. With a roof modelled on the form of traditional farmhouses, this building is an example of a modern day way of constructing with elements that have been around for a long time.

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