Modern house that preserves the marks of the construction process

Usually a house isn’t finished until every little detail is completely, not to mention that leaving the walls bare and the floors unfinished is unacceptable in most cases. Yet for the owners of the Volume B Store, a modern house in Sao Paulo, Brazil, that’s exactly what was intended.

The house was a project by Marcio Kogan and it occupies a surfaces of 250 square meters. What’s surprising is the intentionally unfinished look of the house. The walls have no paint on them, the floors are bare and the whole place looks like a relic when in fact is a modern and unique home. The exterior of the house is unsettling as well. One might be tempted to think this is an old abandoned building but you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. As you approach and enter the building the whole picture changes and you realize that this is in fact an exquisite modern home.

The modern furniture and the overall very casual décor create a welcoming feeling despite the lack of materials such as wood. We love how the gray walls and floors contrast with the colorful furniture and the chic accent details. This is indeed a striking project.

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