Modern House Overlooking the Alps

À Charrat is a gorgeous modern home designed by Zurich-based studio Clavienrossier Architects. Situated in the Swiss Alps, away from the village, the house you see now included once a barn that had a large space which needed to be renovated completely.

The architects chose to keep the cellars and floors of the pre-existent house, the rest being demolished. The roof was replaced by volumes of visible tinted concrete allowing more light inside the house. Moreover the circulation is made along the external wall, from room to room, due to the fact that there are no corridors.

The openings in the existent part were small and vertical. The architects kept them to accentuate the contract with the newly part created on top. The building presents large windows that bathe the house in natural light and also frame the landscape. The interior of this stunning home is open and bright giving it the feel of large, airy space. Furthermore, it communicates with its environment, vineyards, stone walls and the Alps.

À Charrat is an outstanding contemporary house ready for its final curtain call. It is connected with the outdoors, modern, sleek, aspects that make it a warm and welcoming place to land.

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