Modern house in Sao Paulo decorated with beautiful sculptures and paintings

There are many wonderful houses all over the world and, although they may not have much in common in terms of design, they do share one particular aspect: they are usually designed to be cozy, welcoming and comfortable, in other words they are meant to feel like home. The Panama House is no different from this point of view yet it does stand out.

The house was designed by Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan and it makes a powerful statement with its sleek and simple look. The owner had a rather unusual request. He wanted the house to also be a place where he could showcase his collection of modern art so it’s a sort of combination between a home and an art gallery. Given the circumstances, the design had to be unique. In order to allow the paintings and sculptures to stand out and to be admired, the interior design of the house had to be very simple and neutral.

The architect used a selection of modern materials such as concrete and plastic which he combined with materials such as wood and stone which are often seen in traditional Brazilian buildings. This way a mix of textures, colors and materials was creates which is interesting yet simple enough to remain neutral in comparison with the artistic decorations.

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