Modern House In Delaware by Robert M. Gurney

Lujan House is a contemporary masterpiece designed by architect Robert M. Gurney. Located in Ocean View, Delaware, this beautiful home is designed in strong counterpoint to many of the houses built in the last era of expensive materials and limitless floor area.

This 2400 square feet house was designed to obtain a balance between the picturesque Chesapeake Bay landscape and a more intimate environment. The architect tried to integrate the living spaces with the outdoors. In order to achieve this aspect he organized the scheme around a centrally located garden. He also used huge windows that flood the rooms with natural light and allow views of the treetops and sky.

The house was conceived as two simple, flat-roofed volumes. It isn’t large and it was constructed with modest materials that have a long term durability, easy installation and initial cost.  The materials used were concrete floors, oak flooring, plastic laminate and oak millwork. This lovely home houses three bedrooms and an open plan kitchen, dining and living areas. Moreover the living room presents a sleek fireplace and throughout the entire house you can see modern furnishings.

Lujan House is a different type of home, one that feels that intimacy is valuable. It is elegant and a warm and welcoming place to land.

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