Modern House in a Church by Ruud Visser Architects

Who does not want to live in a peaceful environment, where you can feel God every time? The design of Rudd Visser is created that house which is located in the church, where you will get the calm and peace and feel the God closer to you. There is a church along the river side of de Rotte in Rotterdam. This church is completely made of wooden. The church was not in use anymore and it was used as a garage for selling and fixing cars.

Architect Ruud Visser together with Peter Boer designed a house in the church for a family together with two children. Their main objective is to make a luxurious house within the church which will be suitable for a family.  They thought to locate this house in the church as an independent object. The main point of this design is the space between church and house. Through this space you will experience confrontation between household life and sacred living. You can walk around this vacant space to get the experience of happiness. You will get all comforts in the house with the aesthetic design created by the two-people team. There was choir on the back side of the church. The original choir will be replaced with more volume with back façade totally out of glass.{and photos from René de Wit }

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