Modern House Built Below Street Level To Captures The Views

The Bayview House was built in Bayview, Australia by Gratnor trovato Architects. Its design is odd to say the least. One of the things that make this house so unusual is the fact that it was built below street level. The top floor is at street level and is where the entrance is located. A rather unconventional choice.

This particular location and design were chosen because of the landscape. The architect decided to embrace the nature and to make the most of the views. Each and every room offers stunning views. The house is divided into three floors. They all get plenty of sunlight and air through the large windows and natural ventilation keeps the interior just right.

The three floors are connected by a set of individual stairs. The top floor contains the main living spaces as well as the kitchen and the dining area. It also features a bar, a powder room and the entrance hallway. The kitchen opens onto a terrace. The first floor is where you’ll find the master bedroom. Here there are also the guest rooms and an artist’s studio. The ground floor contains the service spaces and the media room. As you can see, the arrangement of the functions is unusual but it perfectly fits this particular house.

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